In happy and peaceful periods of our lives we usually do not encounter health issues. At such times, we enjoy life and share our joy with our family and friends.

However, sometimes this may not be the case, and we find that we need a little something to help us balance our emotional state and continue our daily life without losing our motivation. That's what the original Bach Flowers drops are for, vitamins for the soul.


Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), an imminent researcher and bacteriologist, had a clinic on Harley Street in London. Bach determined 38 fundamental negative emotional states or types of behaviors in people and determined flower essences appropriate for these states.

In the final years of his life, he continued his studies in Mount Vernon, Oxfordshire which today remains the center of Bach Flowers therapy. The therapeutic essences are extracted from flowers found in the region through a process discovered by Bach.

The Bach Flowers

Agrimony - Kasık Otu



Agrimonia eupatoria

The flower of honesty

If you’re repressing your problems, pretending to be happy

Aspen - Kavak



Populus tremula

The flower for anxiety

If you’re experiencing ambiguous or unreasonable fears or if you’re a timid person in general

Beech - Kayın



Fagus sylvatica

The tolerance flower

If you’re constantly criticizing those around you and you’re unable to be tolerant to them

Centaury - Kantaryon



Centaurium umbellatum

The 'NO' flower

If you can't say 'no' to others so that they'll like you

Cerato - Boynuzlu



Ceratostigma willmottianum

The flower of intuition

If you can’t trust the decisions you make and constantly need advice or approval from others

Cherry Plum - Erik ağacı


Cherry Plum

Prunus cerasifera

The calming flower

If you’re afraid that you’ll be unable to control yourself

Chestnut Bud - Kestane tomurcuğu


Chestnut Bud

Aesculus hippocastanum

The learning flower

If you keep making the same mistake and think that you’re unable to learn from your mistakes

Chicory - Hindiba



Cichorium intybus

The flower of healthy relationships

If you give too much importance to your possessions and selfishly expect everyone to act according to your judgments

Clematis - Orman Asması



Clematis vitalba

The 'down-to-earth' flower

If you’re having a hard time organizing your thoughts, you’re constantly thinking deep thoughts or you’re a compulsive dreamer

Crab Apple - Yaban Elması


Crab Apple

Malus pumila

The cleansing flower

If you don’t like your outer look and experience a decline in your self esteem

Elm - Karaağaç



Ulmus procera

The flower of balanced responsibility

If you think you’re overwhelmed by your responsibilities and are feeling bad as a result

Gentian - Büyük kantaron



Gentiana amarella

The flower of trust

If you lose your courage in the face of the difficulties you’re experiencing or if you’re constantly experiencing disappointments and giving up easily

Gorse - Katır tırnağı



Ulex europaeus

The hope flower

If you’ve lost your hope and are approaching everything with a negative point of view

Heather - Funda



Calluna vulgaris

The identity flower

If you’re too involved with yourself, don’t like being by yourself or constantly talking about yourself

Holly - Çoban Püskülü



Ilex aquifolium

The heart flower

If you’re jealous, angry and spiteful or lose your temper easily

Honeysuckle - Hanımeli



Lonicera caprifolium

The flower of 'now'

If you can’t forget the past and feel sadness and suffering as a result of longing for the past

Hornbeam - Gürgen



Carpinus betulus

The refreshening flower

If things seem excessively hard to you and you’re feeling too tired to put things right

Impatiens - Kına Çiçeği



Impatiens glandulifera

The flower of patience

If you’re impatient and brash and if everything and everyone feels too slow for you

Larch - Melez Çam



Larix decidua

The flower of self-confidence

If you think you’re not valuable when you compare yourself to others, if you’re feeling worthless, experiencing lack of self esteem and are afraid of making mistakes

Mimulus - Misk Otu



Mimulus guttatus

The courage flower

If you’re timid or afraid of a situation or event (going to the dentist, getting on the plane, speaking in front of an audience)

Mustard - Hardal Otu



Sinapis arvensis

The flower of light

If you’re experiencing deep sorrows for some time for no reason

Oak - Meşe



Quercus robur

The 'take-it-easy' flower

If you’re stubbornly trying to finish the task you have at hand and can’t stop struggling even though you have no fight left in you

Olive - Zeytin Ağacı



Olea europaea

The flower of regeneration

If you’re exhausted physically and mentally and if everything seems to be giving you a hard time

Pine - Çam



Pinus sylvestris

The self-acceptance flower

If you’re feeling guilt and blaming yourself even for other people’s mistakes

Red Chestnut - Kızıl Kestane


Red Chestnut

Aesculus carnea

The worry flower

If you’re worrying too much over your loved ones and fearing that bad things might happen to them

Rock Rose - Laden


Rock Rose

Helianthemum nummularium

The panic flower

If you’ve experienced a great fear and this fear has left you paralyzed

Rock Water


Rock Water

Aqua petra

The flexibility flower

If you have a harsh attitude towards yourself and can’t break the rules you’ve put for yourself

Scleranthus - Yıllık Yumaklıot



Scleranthus annuus

The inner balance flower

If you’re having a hard time making decisions

Star of Bethlehem - Tükürük Otu


Star of Bethlehem

Ornithogalum umbellatum

The comforting flower

If you’re having a hard time getting over an emotional or physical shock

Sweet Chestnut - Kestane


Sweet Chestnut

Castanea sativa

The salvation flower

If you’re in a great despair and think you can’t take it anymore

Vervain - Mine Çiçeği



Verbena officinalis

The hyper-activity flower

If you’re an intolerant idealist

Vine - Asma



Vitis vinifera

The authority flower

If you want your wishes to be fulfilled no matter what, can’t cope with your desires, are intolerant and want to dominate everyone

Walnut - Ceviz



Juglans regia

The 'keep on going' flower

If you’re in a transition period and need time to adapt to the situations and environments you’re encountering and if you want to protect yourself against external influences

Water Violet - Dere Menekşesi


Water Violet

Hottonia palustris

The communication flower

If you’re introverted, don’t want to contact anyone and are avoiding people

White Chestnut - Ak Kestane


White Chestnut

Aesculus hippocastanum

The mind-calming flower

If there are things in your mind troubling you and if you’re unable to get rid of them or unable to silence your inner voice

Wild Oat - Yaban Yulafı


Wild Oat

Bromus ramosus

The 'task-in-life' flower

If you don’t know what to do, you’re unhappy and don’t have any plans concerning the future

Wild Rose - Yaban Gülü


Wild Rose

Rosa canina

The 'joy-of-life' flower

If you’re uninterested in and indifferent to the things around you and not making effort to change the situation you’re in

Willow - Söğüt Ağacı



Salix vitellina

The destiny flower

If you’re angry, thinking that you’ve been treated unfairly and that you don’t have any luck